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UKIP member Natasha Bolter

Woman at heart of UKIP sex scandal: I was naively seduced by power and the party used me

The Sunday People
Sunday, 7th June 2015

As UKIP’s star ethnic candidate in the build-up to the 2015 general election, Natasha Bolter found herself embroiled in two scandals with her reputation dragged through the mud. Labelled the party’s ‘poster girl’ Natasha joined UKIP naively thinking she could be a force for good in politics. While not entirely blameless, she wanted to put the ‘record straight’ on her time within the party highlighting examples of racism, bullying and sexism she encountered as a woman in politics. Natasha approached DJM and we arranged a double-page spread in the Sunday People.The balanced interview was later followed up by rival publications both in print and online.


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