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Kath Rathband, widow of PC David Rathband

Blamed for hero PC's suicide... because I could not forgive his EIGHTH affair: David Rathband's widow embroiled in bitter feud with his family who think she should have tolerated his cheating even after he was blinded by Raoul Moat

The Mail on Sunday
Sunday, 21st February 2016

Kath Rathband found herself once again thrust into the spotlight after the family of her husband PC David Rathband who was shot by Raoul Moat lost a negligence claim brought against Northumbria Police for failing to warn him that the gunman was targeting police officers. With reporters knocking on her door and caught up in a bitter dispute with David’s family, DJM arranged a two-page interview in The Mail on Sunday where Kath was able to give her account of events in her own words.

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