Frequently Asked Questions

How do clients work with DJM?

There are various ways to think about how you can work with DJM, from simply selling your story or pictures, to a longer-term relationship building your profile or business. DJM works flexibly; on a single sell your story - project basis, to a regular retainer, or on a daily rate. Having an informal chat is always our favourite way to take on new work. Email us here and we can set up a call or meet over a coffee.

How would DJM sell my story or pictures?

Keeping things simple is the key. DJM would discuss the story with you and advise on what further work may be needed such as gathering evidence or pictures before presenting it to a media outlet. DJM would then negotiate the fee and all aspects of the story on your behalf.

What could I earn for supplying the story or pictures?

As a general rule, depending on the material and the fee generated DJM would agree your payment in writing before publication or broadcast. Fees are only payable once the material supplied has appeared in a media outlet.

Last question...what would I need to do after my story has appeared?

Very little apart from waiting for payment. DJM may also be able to pay additional fees if your story or pictures are purchased for second rights by another media organisation.